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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  July 13, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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it's the at&t network. helping you do what you do... even better. good evening, everyone, i'm frank somberville. . [ bleep ] new at 10:00. ktvu's ken wayne is live in
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santa rosa. he attended tonight's gathering and tells us how the young people are coping >> >> reporter: julie, 100 or so parents and children, families, all came together to grieve. . >> reporter: she died over the weekend from alcohol related causes at her home during a summer party. . . counselors were on hand to see things, even therapy dogs to help the young members cope. her classmates say despite the circumstances surrounding her death. they would no cousin other things. . >> i don't want to focus on the negative. >> reporter: her history
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teacher said that the teen lit up the classroom. . >> i walk in my room and i start to bawl only because plymemories, there >> what are our kids doing? haeckel do we know our kids? i know my wife and i and a lot of my staff have had multiple conversations with our children in the last three day. >> reporter: and there are the what if's >> being with her earlier that day makes me feel like i could have done social to stop it. . >> reporter: funeral services will be held friday afternoon at 2:00 at saint eugene isochor inform santa rosa. it's open to the public. live in santa rose could, ken wayne, ktvu channel "2 news." thee young people in the hospital after they were swept out of the water in a marine county beach and had to be rescued.
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they were near nil valley at 6:00 this evening when a large wave knocked them into the ocean waters. two made it out on their own, several good samaritans came and pulled the young person out of the water. we have a live report, coming up at 10:30 and we'll hear from those who braved the waters to save the young people in trouble >> >> new at 10:00. police are asking for the public's help in locating a hit and run driver who seriously injured a young woman this morning. police say the s.u.v. is likely the hit and run vehicle that struck the woman. it happened at 10:20 this morning. police say the 22-year-old victim was in the cross walk, hit and then dragged approximately 30-50 feet.
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police say the victim was taken to the 4079 where she is in kit can condition. . >> reporter: take a look, you can see, no formal protests banned. that's because most of the students are on summer break. five weeks before the fall mess at the begins and darian wallace is blind sighted by tuition increase >> my family is low-income family and they don't have the money to support me. .
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. >> this tuition hike makes up for 1 quarter of the deficit that we have, 1 quarter of it >> >> uc employees say they were being forced to make up for the loss >> out canning our benefits and attempting to with hold raises and, there have been a lot of layoffs >> they never prioritize the front line workers ahead of the executives >> we have learned that the board is expected to approve a
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raise for the ceo of the medical center, sighting the center profits which exceed $130 million. reporting live tonight here in san francisco, i'm heather holmes, ktvu news >> >> students are finding dorms are all full. coming up, a new catching hundreds of opportunities off guard >> >> california's budget is not one month old and the state is on track to be in the red. $230 million behind fiscal year expectations. using a different formula. state controller's office estimate the state is down $351 million. the state treasurer said funding to colleges and corrections could be cut further if revenues remain off target. .
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getting federal assistance to help pay for upgrades. faa is giving the airport a $7.5 million grant, helping to pay for the next phase of a new taxi way extension on the airport's west side. this is the third of a five phase plan. total project will cost about $55 million and be completed in three years >> >> airport security took center stage in washington, d.c today. coming number nine minutes. the alarming number of security breeches reported since 9/11 and what one congressman is suggesting the tsa use instead
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of x-ray machine >> >> san jose police are trying to identify a body found in a golf course. police say the body was found in a wooded tree-lined area next to a public trail. the coroner's office plans to check the fingerprints and conduct an autopsy > >> new -- the indian government said it was 00 coordinated terrorist attack in mumbai. within the past hour, the government lowered the number of confirmed debt from 21 down to 17. scores of others wounded. bloody bodies were student about the financial district after the three explosive devices rimmed through several locations within a few minutes at this point, no one has claimed responsibility for the attack >> we condemn the despicable
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acts. those who perpetrated them must know they cannot succeed >> secretary of state hillary clinton said she there go aled with letter plans to visit india next week, despite those bombings. security and terrorism are likely to be on her agenda. . shane is an incredible photo journalist and he has been traveling and working for at least a decade >> sara said today marks seven 11-days that bower and josh have been imprisoned in iran. she spent 410 days as a prisoner there before her release in september of last year. the three were taken prisoner
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in july of 2009 while hiking in an unmarked region along the iranian border >> >> team usa is going to the finals of the women's world cup after a thrilling win over the french team in the semi-finals >> >> a former soccer star at cal that scored the final u.s. goal in today's victory. one of four players from cal and stanford on the u.s. team. . when the u.s. women's soccer team plays france, alex morgan scored the third and decisive goal >> seeing a teammate make it to that level is awesome. it makes you believe in yourself a little more. >> reporter: lauren, a teammate of morgan's as cal said morgan is an inspiration for her and hundreds of players at cal u's soccer camp.
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many young women look up to her, who graduated from cal in three an a half years >> humility was spectacular. she was a team player. she worked for her teammates very, very hard, one of the girls. and she never put herself ahead of others. >> i think what has gone to the highest level are her work ethic. >> reporter: along with her, three players formerly of stanford. members of the u.s. team that inspire the world with come from behind wins and an unparalleled determination. according to the coach >> the whole cup run for the u.s. team has been amazing, you know? i think it has been transsended the game for sure. >> reporter: a lot of local soccer fans will be watching and cheering once the world cup finalscomes up this sunday, u.s. against jam >> >> and san francisco's at and t
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park is slowly being transformed into a soccer field. the dirt infield is covered with grass. saturday, britain's manchester city will take on mexico' club america as part of the world football challenge. at the british consulate, officials showed off the storied fa cup awarded to britain's top soccer club and currently held by manchester >> >> foggy skies keeping a lid on bay area temperatures. bill martin's forecast for tomorrow in eight minutes. . a teenager is bringing hope to hundreds of bay area family. the triumph they
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[ male announcer ] in here, small business solutions from at&t can get you there. starting with the at&t all for less package -- just $70 per month, voice plus broadband. it's the at&t network. helping you do what you do... even better. new at 10:00. an unusual celebration involves dozens of kids, all of whom were born premao tour think. one of them was so small the time she was born, she was the size of the doll. maureen. >> reporter: this is a typical diaper newborns wear and this is what the premies wear. these four-year-old quads were
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some of the past nciu patients celebrating with 300 people tonight. lives turned upside down when they entered the world prematurely >> three was born almost three months early. she was in the nicu for four 1/2 months. >> reporter: four months later, they wanted to be here to thank the staff >> the nurses. they were like their second moms, you know, they are at home and they are the ones holding your baby and putting them to sleep and consoling them. >> reporter: four stories up in the nicu, this four day old baby boy is opening his eyes, born 11 weeks early, his parents saying he is so strong, they gave him the middle name hercules >> he is knocking everyone's socks off. if he can continue to do this,
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-- >> she was 14 inches from her head to her behind, the size of my palm. >> reporter: her mother's wedding ring once fit around her foot. now -- >> i was a little smaller first starting out than most kids, other than that, i'm a perfect 15-year-old >> i would say to the parents, hang in there, keep the hope and your child is going to be okay. >> reporter: this marks the 20th year for the niccu reunion >> >> betty ford's casket is in grand rapids michigan in preparation for tomorrow's funeral. the casket arrived late this afternoon at the gerald ford museum. a small group of onlookers gathered to see the motorcade arrive. the former first lady died last friday at the age of 93. ford will be buried next to her
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husband on the grounds >> these are pictures released from the meetings at the white house, while the photos show all smiles, democrats and republicans are at odds, real odds over how to reduce the country's debt. republicans are calling for cuts to medicare and social security, while pack has urged tax increases. the u.s. is expected to hit its debt ceiling by august 2nd >> >> ktvu's washington bureau scheduled to sit down with a one-on-one interview with the president tomorrow and you can see it tomorrow on channel news at 5:00 >> >> federal reserve chairman bernanke issued his own warning about the debt crisis saying if the government defaults, it could mean a financial calamity >> the notion that it would become unreliable would throw shock waves into the entire global financial center >> central bank is prepared
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for additional stimulus if inflation reemerged. the fed's announcement helped to break a three day slide on wall street. the dow gained 45-points and the nasdaq picked up 15 >> >> airport security has one congressman pitting dogs against machines. utah republican invited bomb sniffing dogs to the floor. he says they are less expensive and more effective at finding explosives than x-ray machines. tsa revealed there have been 25,000 security breeches sin the september 11th attacks. more than 14,000 involve people entering restricted areas. -- . the deep concern is the what about the ones we don't know about and the creativity of what can happen in the future. >> tsa said the breeches represent a tiny fraction of all passengers
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>> >> a small urban oasis near union square. the pedestrian square -- park receiver engulfed downtown san francisco. here along the two block stretch between the cable car turnaround and union square, san francisco mayor officially unveiled the city's most high- profiled mini park >> to modernize it and make it more eco friendly and make sure it is people friendly in every respect. >> reporter: after the crowd left, we returned to see what people thought of the promenade occupying space -- glowing reviews and locals, including the manager of the gold dust lounge >> now that we have room here, maybe we can think of putting tables outside. i think it's going to benefit
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everything. . >> reporter: the main issue of the park is to relieve congestion on busy sidewalks. san francisco has 15 parklets, including this one on valencia and more are on the way. park receiver appears to be spreading. the owner of this cafe in north oakland said is he working hard to have one >> i think it's a great opportunity for us to reclaim what is otherwise concrete and make it beautiful. . >> reporter: in oakland, rob roth, ktvu channel "2 news." . it was definitely a cool day out there, today. these were the highs from today, about the same if not a little cooler in some places than what we saw yesterday. a lot of cloud and low fog.
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there was drizzle, there was mist. tomorrow morning, not much different. mild, cool temperatures. plenty of cloud cover. i suspect less drizzle. when you wake up here in the low 50s for most part. this center to the north of us is going to continue. it has continued to thicken under marine layer. giving us a day tomorrow just like today. not much change between today and what we will see tomorrow, but as we go into the next 36 hours, temperatures start to warm up. i'll be back here at 10:45 to show you how much the temperature also warm up and which cities could be the warmest as we get into the weekend >> >> many in marine county thinking better late than never. marine county officially received a state of emergency declaration. this was the scene from fairfax on march 24th when water flowed in some businesses. the declaration makes the
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county eligible for state and federal assistance >> >> burglars stormed his home. the growing concern over a string of crimes that appear to
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it's not what you would expect, but police are so concerned about a spike in violent crime, officers are offering to help people make certain their homes are secured. mike neiback talked with the police chief and homeowners about the burglars targeting their city. >> reporter: the city of orinda on alert >> mainly, they concentrated on my closet and taken all of the expensive jewelry.
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>> reporter: for those living on north lane, the stories are filtering in >> the door was busted and panel on the kitchen floor. >> reporter: this man, who did not want to be named told us it was this week when he was sleeping inside of his bedroom, doors locked when burglars stormed into the house. the next thing you were trying to kick down his door. >> reporter: he said the burglars are getting more aggressive and hitting more often, 40 plus in just the last six months. that is double, compared to last year >> some of them come into your home, things can change rapidly >> this police chief said his officers have arrested 21 people connected to a number of burglaries, yet the crimes continue to occur middle of the day >> if you are willing to go into someone's home, you are pretty much willing to do anything. we consider it high priority >> i have never heard of this
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many before. >> reporter: as for this week's victim, he said the burglars gave up within 602nds >> my room door is pretty strong to resist two or three kicks. who knows what would have happened after the fourth or fiveth kick. >> reporter: police are on the lookout and are asking residents to do the same >> >> we are getting our first look at the booking photo of an oakland man accused of murdering a high school senior. michael anthony is charged with shooting 17-year-old back in may as franklin was riding his bike home from school. franklin was weeks away from graduating from high school at the time of his death. police say they could not have made the arrest if not from help from the community >> we got witness cooperation on the case, which is key, key to solving these cases. >> reporter: police tell us the victim had been working on a school project on fighting gangs when he was killed
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>> >> a priest will not face charges in connection with an incident involving a teen-age boy. father william myers. the office said the decision was made for a number of reason. myers was a pastor as saint raymond's catholic church. he was put on leave after being accused of following a 17-year- old boy into a department store dressing room and striking up a conversation >> >> she was aquited of murder, see how the casey anthony case is prompting a call for a new law here in california >> >> chained restaurants make a pledge to
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>> more now on the coast guard rescue on a bay area beach
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after high surf washed three people into the pacific ocean. it was a team effort as good samaritans and trained rescue teams came to the rescue. a wave knocked three people into the water at the tennessee valley beach. two made it out on their own. a third needed to be rescued, but so did one of the good samaritans that went in to help. amber leigh is live with more on what happened. >> reporter: frank, here in marine county, an outing for three friends turned into a scary and life-threatening experience. around 6:00 tonight, the coast guard responded to a call for help that several people were stranded in the water. a few friends hiking in the headlands told us they saw a big wave knock the group into the water >> the wave was huge and knocked them right over. we saw them flip and everything >> we got down there and two girls were sliding around. we were able to save one of them. the other one floated to the
12:01 am
other side. >> reporter: a park ranger said by time the coast guard arrived at the scene, two women and a man were in shallow water. a second man who tried to help them became stranded himself. two friends were transported by ambulance to marine general >> were they able to say anything to you? >> no, there is nothing i could say. she was not in speaking condition. she was too busy coughing up water and blood. she looked pretty hurt. >> reporter: the good samaritan, woe was also rescued. did not need to go to the hospital >> the most important thing to remember about tennessee valley and the beach, it's not a swimmable beach. it's not a beach we ever recommend people use to swim in. it's very cold. there are very strong currents here and waves are unpredictable. >> reporter: i just spoke with the park ranger again by phone. she told me she has no information about the conditions of the three people who were taken to the hospital. reporting live here in marine county, amber leigh, ktvu
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channel "2 news." new information on why the "el dorado" district attorney decided to release evidence in the jaycee duggard. this was shot by nancy gueritto. another one show as parole agent inspecting their home, but never going outside the d.a. said he released the video to highlight the mistakes made in jaycee's case and he said it highlights nancy's participant >> it shows nancy was an active and willing participant in some of the things he was doing. >> reporter: the d.a. points out gueritto's early release as the worst failing of the system. california lawmakers plan to introduce a bill named of
12:03 am
florida toddler caylease anthony. it would be a crime not to report a child's death within two hours. caylee's mother, casey anthony aquited in the death of her daughter. sell bills are pending in at least 17 states >> >>ing it lovers and those less fond of the k9 crew discuss the best spot for a dog park in downtown. promising news about controlling the spread of life. two new studies out of africa suggested that taking a daily pill containing one or two anti- hiv drugs can reduce
12:04 am
transmission of the virus among couples by as much as 75%. research was carried out in kenya, botswana -- . childhood obesity a major concern for a lot of parents and now a number of fast food and chain restaurants are doing something about it. some of the new menu choices you will start to see in the coming months. children on average eat a third of meals out. contributing, doctors say to a childhood obesity and diabetes epidemic. burger king and 17 other restaurants agree to offer healthier alternatives in children's meal >> my kids will be making choices when they are younger that will affect their health later on in their life. >> it's a beginning, we need to
12:05 am
do more. >> reporter: >> parents will ask if they would like to substitute and have more french fries for their child and mother soda >> >> reporter: the z pizza chain is one of the 18 >> we made an analysis of our foods and figured out a number of our foods are perfect for the kids daily meals >> >> a chicken caesar salad, but also a kuryed chicken with yam pizza or one made with low-fat cleese, assuming you can convince your children to choose those >> children will select high fat high sugar food. choice is something that is outdated >> not all of the restaurants say they have the items on their menu just yet, but they promise by end of summer you will find them >> >> an update on a story we brought you last night, what
12:06 am
the diabetes is saying about the canceled summer camps >> >> there is a lot of fog out there right now, more drizzle in your forecast and temperatures that will continue to be on the cool it's really delicious, mom.
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announcer: when you earn your ged diploma, the barriers in your life fall. take the first step and get free ged information in your area at 1-877-38-your-ged, or earn your ged diploma and begin your brighter future. an minneapolis date on a story we first brought you last night involving the abrupt cancellation of summer camps for diabetic children. one of the camps filed for bankruptcy, many families are upset about the unexpected
12:09 am
cancellation and the loss of their $700 registration fee. the organization's president said he is trying to make good on his promises >> we have meetings going on today and tomorrow. i'm 75% sure we can make up for it in august >> an attorney for the parents said he is except skeptical. he said many families have already changed their plans >> prosecutors in san francisco said they will not seek the death penalty in the killing of two souvenir shop owners at fisherman's wharf. the 56-year-old faces two counts of murder for the january shooting. police say he saw the victims as rival merchants. at today's hearing, woo's attorney said he client is not competent to stand trial. he is due back in court on july 25th. the the teen accused of firing
12:10 am
shots into a car and killing an infant boy entered not guilty charges to murder, today. he mistook the car carrying three-month-old isaac garcia for a car belonging to a gang member who assaulted him days earlier. both of garcia's parents were wounded in the shooting >> >> in afghanistan, president karzei climbed into his half brother's grave to kiss the slain man's led before appealing to the taliban to stop the killing thousands attended the funeral. he was gunned by by his long time head of security. the tal pan claimed security >> >> in london, under pressure from british lawmakers rupert murdoch has withdrawn a bid to take over british company. his tabloid, news of the world admitted to hacking the voice-
12:11 am
mail of a 13-year-old girl who was kidnapped and murdered >> >> in klien, heavy rainfall triggered landslides. emergency crews rushed to evacuate and rescue people trapped by the raging waters. a landslide developed causing massive power outages in the area. netflix customers rebelling. many are canning subscriptions after the company announced a price hike. prompting 10s of thousands of angry posts today. some said net flix is still a better deal than competitors >> >> online retail giant, amazon, wants to take a bite from the online giant. they plan to unveil a tablet computer, sources say it will
12:12 am
have a 9-inch screen and be powered by google's system. students who thought they would be moving into this dorm are in debt, finding out they will be moving into an area who until. we'll tell
12:13 am
12:14 am
san jose state university saying this year's incoming freshman class is so big, there is not enough room for those who need student housing. some students will have to live in hotels off campus >> already flooding the san jose state university campus. jacqueline doesn't know where she will be living after
12:15 am
receiving this e-mail >> your application was considered after june 1st, so at this point, i would consider looking at other options >> i don't know who i would get an apartment to. i don't have a car coming to and from campus. it would be frustrating on top of it would be my first year. >> reporter: the new rule requiring students 30-miles away to live on campus, it has stretched the campus's space beyond capacity. the university said the goal is to offer a dorm room to all freshman, but 245 returning students slated to live in the dorms they may wind up in a hotel >> we will insure it is within walking distance or along the light rail corridor. we are working on matching the meal plan. >> reporter: the university is trying to find the hotel for the students, costs will be covered by the fees students would have paid to live in the dorms. a lot of returning students say
12:16 am
economically, it would make more sense to find their own apartment. >> me, a lot of people i know actually prefer to stay off campus. >> reporter: the university said students will find their final housing assignments in these dorms right here or area hotels after july 25th. two weeks later than usual >> >> a memorial service was held in san francisco, today for the only passenger confirmed dead in a fishing accident off the coast of mexico. family and friends gathered to honor leslie ye. his body washed up on a remote island july 3rd. many of the survivors of the ill-fated trip attended to days's memorial to pay their respects. yi's son traveled to mexico after his father's death >> it was good for me to kind of walk in my father's last steps and it helped with the healing process and the closure >> the problemmial comes the
12:17 am
day the mexican navy called off search efforts for the seven missing fishermen. family members of those still policing are working to try to convince the u.s. state department to sent dive teams to mexico >> >> astronauts on space shuttle "atlantis" got a personal message from elton john >> a huge thank to you all of the men and women at nasa that worked on the shuttle for the last three decades >> elton john's hit "rocketman" was the crew's wakeup call. the crew spent the day unloading cargo on the international space station. items including a year's worth of food, clothes and other supplies. this is the shuttle program's final mission >> tomorrow morning, a live interview, "atlantis" crew will be speaking to us live during our 6:00 hour >> >> your thursday will look a lot like today, fog and low
12:18 am
cloud, drizzle possible and terms concern below the average, nearly as cool as today. right now, coverage is pretty significant, out across toward hay ward moving into the 680 corridor. when you wake up in most bay area neighborhoods, there will be cloud cover, as there was this morning. the weather system to the north is way up here. it is enough to create the fog, a lot of fog to push inland, freudianer is down, air quality is better, but we are getting a lot of this, and a lot of this. tomorrow morning, less drizzle, plenty of fog. warmer as you head into your bay area friday. so a nicer day. overnight, the fog will build up along the coast. east bay hills out by berkeley, in the berkeley hills. certainly some drizzle by twin peaks. clearing by mid-morning, early afternoon for moist.
12:19 am
computer model bears this out. 6:00 am tomorrow morning. fog is everywhere, we know that, but it's racing inland just like this morning and this afternoon -- tomorrow afternoon, rapid clearing by lunchtime. fog back to the coast. different from what we saw, to day. we'll see a little more sunshine, but temperatures will be just about as cool, if in some places not a little cooler and it starts to push its way back in tomorrow night. lear's how it breaks down. tomorrow, this low pressure center intensifying it is it has all week. temperatures will continue to dip or level off and friday, a slight tweak. this weekend, high pressure will reset itself or reinvest itself, temperatures beginning to increase. bay area weekend. sunday, the warmest day on the weekend. not above average temperatures, warmer, forecast highs tomorrow like they were, today, 73 in brentwood, 70s in the santa claira valley.
12:20 am
cool 65 in san francisco, half moon bay, 68 degrees. tomorrow just like today, which was just like yesterday, which was like the day before. the real change on friday as the clouds depart, we'll see more sunshine friday and increasing temperatures into the bay area, but not hot, just warmer. thanks, bill >> >> chrysler is recalling more than a quarter million of its best selling vehicles. federal safety officials say 242,000 dodge ram pickups from danger of developing a steering problem. the >> reporter: affects the popular 15, 35 and 3500 series in the model years between 2008 and 2011. part of the steering system can break, systems making tight turns such as when drivers are trying to park >> >> the united states is about to crack down even harder on how much lead is allowed in children's products. consumer product safety commission voted three-two to
12:21 am
reduce the limits. starting next week, products must be 99% lead free. the lowest in the world. . it's really delicious, mom.
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an airline is offering a short hop alternative for los
12:25 am
angeles driverses seeking to asoil so-called ajet blue is offering tickets, $4. they are already sold out. the interstate is being shut down so crews can demolish one side of the mulholland side bridge >> >> how about team usa? >> what a story >> in it's entirety. it takes on a life of its own >> >> the chemistry, the comradedy. allowing them to pull off the nearly impossible. team usa has captured everyone's attention, imagination and now taking on the french in the semi-final. in the nineth minute, they would set the done. heather o'reily through the middle to lauren laney, one- zero. second half, it's one-one on the corner kick, abby wambach
12:26 am
slicing for the header, you see again, usa, ahead for good. two-one. friend. apparently stunned. three minutes later, they allow a break away, alex morgan scoring for team usa, three-one lead. that was the final and americans now face jam, four in all. the cup on sunday, first time they have been back to the finals since 1999 -- when they won it all >> >> us victory was great. here's something you don't see in soccer every day, san jose quake, goal keeper, david bing ham, end to end call, watch the goalie. he comes out and bounces over 'tis head. 90-yard goal san jose quake ends up winning the exhibition >> >> closing out the all-star game national league's victory, act one for brian wilson, follows that up with quite a notable appearance on the red
12:27 am
carpet in los angeles for the annual sports espy awards, lacking reception, he shows up in a one piece tight skinned so- called tuxedo, looking more like one of batman's adversaries. some pitchers have goatees, brian wilson has an entire goat. it looks like your beard is wearing a fake beard. i have been meaning to ask, did you ever get that fid letter off the roof? >> seems to take it all well. as we said last night, keep saving ball games, no one minds. in san francisco, peddling alongty -- hanging on overall, a frenchman, the overall leader. that is the sporting life for
12:28 am
wednesday night, giants back in action tomorrow >> i still like the goalie scoring the goal >> that was incredible. i have never seen that before. hand so say would take it.
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